Guide To 529 Prepaid College Tuition Plans

In such cases, lack of clear jurisdictional authority often results in lack of action against the mill. Anyone who cares about consumer protections, the integrity of higher education, or about the ability to vet applicants’ qualifications for the positions they’re seeking has little choice but to try to squelch mills and minimize their impact. This article examines the roots and scope of the diploma mill problem, the damage they do to individuals, institutions, and society, and, most importantly, the solutions that can be brought to bear against them. Degree mills are in the business of selling paper—fake diplomas and transcripts. Ergo, they’ll get that piece of paper to you as quickly as possible. If you remain suspicious, consult theDiploma Mill Police for a free accreditation report and to evaluate if your chosen college might possibly be a degree mill.

The study suggests teachers should cut back on the amount of information taught and incorporate more activities during the lesson, in order for students to create their own work. What may we conclude from the promises and problems of distance learning? The technology will undoubtedly keep improving and the price will drop, as technology is prone to do once it comes into general use. Already we see improvement in the delivery systems of compressed video and computer assisted instruction. Despite student problems with distance learning, studies indicate they are relatively satisfied with what they are receiving.

It also requires states to make information public by June 21 detailing how many schools are using each mode of instruction—remote, hybrid, or in-person—and to make available information on enrollment and attendance. School construction is an allowable use for Covid relief funds--including new projects, renovations to ventilation systems, and purchasing trailers. But the guidance cautions against large capital projects that will require too much money and entail not only approval from the state but complex requirements for using federal money for such purposes. "Remodeling, renovation, and new construction are often time-consuming, which may not be workable under the shorter timelines," for the relief aid, which must be obligated by September 2024.


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